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Mr. Toby Peters

Mr. Toby PetersMr. Toby Peters is an award-winning strategist and advocate. He cofounded both Highview Power Storage (2004) and Dearman (2011) and with them established the concept of liquid air as an energy storage solution for both grid and transport delivering clean cold and power. Today, Peters leads Dearman and directs its vision. He also spearheads the company’s business development and communications programmes, with a focus on international engagement and the development of the Cold Economy globally.

Under his leadership, Dearman has grown to employ more than 50 people, predominantly engineers, and the company’s technology has progressed rapidly, with the first application nearing commercial deployment.

During his career, Peters has established liquid air within the mainstream energy debate and helped secure some £20 million of UK grant funding for liquid air development, as well as more than £12 million of inward investment into the UK for technology development.

Peters is also a Visiting Professor in Power and Cold Economy within the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Birmingham. He is the academic lead of the 2015 ‘Doing Cold Smarter’ Policy Commission.

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