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What has remained a top recommendation for how to prevent postharvest losses around the world?

A better understanding of the issues.

Experts in discussion during one of four poster sessions at the First PHL Congress © Francesco Vignali Photography for ADMI

In October 2015, a new community was formed of people who have that understanding.

Over 260 scientists, policymakers, industry leaders, practitioners, donors, educators, and students came to the table for the first time to share their knowledge and ideas at the First International Congress for Postharvest Loss Prevention. Representatives of 62 nations developed a new level of communication that is leading to better knowledge transfer, coordination, and advocacy for postharvest loss issues. This group presented research, demonstrated technologies, shared success stories from the field, and discussed critical topics. They identified next steps, built new partnerships, called for more action, and initiated a roadmap for postharvest loss prevention.

In short, this new community became THE community for postharvest loss prevention.

The aim of this blog campaign, #PreventPHL, is for the PHL Community of Practice to share knowledge with the rest of the world. With modern ICT tools, the Congress can help more people get a better understanding of the issues, as well as have the opportunity to share their own knowledge. This campaign will drive the discussion forward beyond Rome – with both PHL experts as well as those in cross-cutting disciplines such as food security, food safety, nutrition, climate change, economic development, and environmental sustainability.

Blog posts will be accepted through November 25th and will be shared on the ADM Institute Preventing Postharvest Loss Blog For details on how to submit, read here.

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